Club Trials Blog

Clubtrials is 6 years old !
10 May 2018
Wow. Six years old where did the time go! For the last couple of years Clubtrials has been in constant use but has not received much attention in terms of site maintenance or addition of clubs. This is due to it being run as a part time activity and a lot of other things happening. I was prompted by the guys at Uptington Crusadars who had seen the sight and were keen to sign up. So welcome Upington Crusaders to Clubtrials ! To my surprise when I checked back on the Clubtrials emails I found a number of requests from other clubs ! It's great to know that the clubs are finding the site useful and that its spreading organically without any marketing. The running community is a very enthusiatic and positive group to which I am thankful to belong. The enthusiasm from the clubs has re-enthused me, so lets see where we can take Clubtrials next and please let me know if you are a club who is keen to be added to the site.

Welcome to Helderberg Harriers
08 April 2013
It's great to see the constant enthusiasm across the running community as new clubs add their results to Clubtrials. Clubtrials is very happy to have Helderberg Harriers join the site! Helderberg Harriers was formed in 1977 and was accepted as a WP club in 1978. This was in the days of the first big running boom and the Helderberg motto was that “anyone who wants to run, is welcome”, and this is still true today. The club is primarily based in the Hottentots-Holland basin, this approach of “all people interested in running are welcome” has caused people from all over the province to join, and the club still accepts any person that is interested in running/walking from all over Western Province.

Clubtrials keeps growing
05 Feb 2013
Clubtrials has come a long way since inception. With the support of some significant running clubs making use of the site to capture their weekly results the site is becoming increasingly popular. Recent enhancements include leaderboards for ladies and men and the ability to recognize those all important time keepers and dedicated helpers who make the weekly events possible. The traditional approach to time trial results data has been to publish results once for a particular week and then archive the data. Now through Clubtrials data visualization using tables and graphs the data is readily available online and can be reviewed at any time to track and compare historic personal performance.

ACSIS VOB joins Clubtrials
04 Feb 2013
Clubtrials welcomes ACSIS VOB running club one of Cape Towns oldest and most established clubs. The ACSIS VOB time trial is held every Wednesday evening at 6pm over a 5km route around the Constantia suburbs, Cape Town. The course takes you through the suburbs of Constantia before returning to the club house.

Celtic Harriers now available
22 Jan 2013
Celtic Harriers is based at Brookside in Claremont, Cape Town. Celtics is the founder of the Cape’s biggest race, the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon. It also organises the Peninsula Marathon and the Don Lock Memorial Road Race. The club is synonymous with Western Cape athletics and many top athletes have worn its famous green and white hoops. Celtic Harriers time trials are held every Wednesday at 6pm outside Vista Nova High School, Milner service road.

Rocky Road Runners time trial results online
15 Jan 2013
Rocky Road Runners is one of the oldest and most established running clubs in Johannesburg, South Africa. Rockies offers a great forum and support for runners to do what they love - running. Rockies are centrally based at The Zoo Lake Sports Club Cnr of Lower Park Drive and Westwold Way in Parkwood. Rockies hold a 5km time trial every Saturday morning at 7.30am from the Zoo Lake Moyo restaurant parking lot. This time trial has been going for 25 years, and is timed by Val and Richard Wilkinson, who are well known on the running scene.

Harfield Harriers on Club Trials
05 Dec 2012
Harfield Harriers is live on Club Trials with a large set of historic time trial data. The Harfield Harriers Running Club runs time trials every Thursday with 3km, 5km, 8km distance options. Harfield's time trials data going back as far as 2001 was uploaded into Club Trials and is updated by the club each week. With over one thousand runners attending time trials over the last 10 years, Harfield has an impressive time trial results.

Club Trials launches !
01 Dec 2012
Club Trials is live. Club trials is a site dedicated to clubs who wish to track club time trials results for their members. Results are typically captured weekly or monthly over specific distances. Results are presented at a time trial level, club level, as well as a dedicated page per individual.

Club Trials includes results tables per distance, distance profile graphs, time distribution graphs, club leaderboards, personal attendance milestones and a whole lot more.

Club Trials is not limited to any particular sport or type of club. Any club which captures time trial results on a regular frequency according to specific distances can make use of Club Trials.